82% of all IT and personal data breaches are due to human error

Awareness training pays off!


Mindzeed is a modern platform that systematizes your awareness training, ensures compliance and strengthens your organization.

Awareness training in cyber and information security

This is why you must train the employees

Raising employees' awareness of cyber security and data protection is not only common sense, but it can also be a requirement.

Lektioner - sådan virker det

Not a day goes by without us hearing about cyber attacks on companies, authorities and our infrastructure. The attacks can be crippling for those affected, or data we thought was well secured can be stolen and misused.

82% of all security breaches are due to human error. So it is common sense to train employees in cyber and information security.

But audit requirements, requirements from insurance companies and legal requirements also mean that you have to document that employees have received training in data protection and IT security.

With Mindzeed, you get full compliance documentation for the training, both within IT security and GDPR, so you can comply with the demands placed on your organisation.

Hvad koster effektiv awareness træning?

Let's make you an offer for online awareness training in information security

82% of all security breaches are due to human error. Therefore, awareness training is one of the most important measures you can take in relation to information security. More than 300,000 employees have already gone used Mindzeed's online courses in cyber and information security.

Our customers are broadly distributed across company sizes, industries, public and private companies.

The prices for the training are based on the size of your company and include full access to the lesson library and training platform.

Mindzeed learning management

Employees deserve tailored and relatable training

With Mindzeed, you get access to more than 45 video-based lessons on information security. Then you can 'build' targeted and relevant training for the employees.

Mindzeed er systematisk og automatisk træning af medarbejderne mod hackerangreb

Effective awareness training is based on the responsibility of your employee groups. Mindzeed is the market's most flexible solution in terms of adaptation, targeting and relevance. In this way, you ensure that you get the result of the training that is intended. And that you don't waste your time and money.

Mindzeed consists of an ever-growing library of training lessons that can be assigned to the relevant employees. All lessons can be adapted to your own circumstances and you can even add your own lessons - videos, presentations, information security policy etc.

Mindzeed is used by leading companies and organizations

Mindzeed trains employees in leading companies and organizations alle overc the world. Because Mindzeed is easy, flexible and well received by employees.

Mindzeed er nemt at tilgå for medarbejderne
Mindzeed er inspirerende og lærerigt

Mindzeed is inspiring and educational

Mindzeed contains more than 45 short unique video lessons on cyber security and GDPR. Lessons that will be well received in the organization. We make the topic relevant and interesting for the employees.

Mindzeed er fleksibelt og skalerbart

Mindzeed is flexible and scalable

Relevance is important in any training. Therefore, all elements of Mindzeed can be adapted to your circumstances. Texts and questions in all lessons can be adapted and own lessons can be added.

Mindzeed er velafprøvet og betroet

Mindzeed is well-tested and trusted

Over 300,000 users have already used Mindzeed. In companies and organizations from 10 to 20,000 employees.

Mindzeed er klar til brug

Mindzeed is ready to use

Mindzeed is easy and simple to get started with. With a few clicks, courses are organized and distributed to users.

Mindzeed er flersproget

Mindzeed is multilingual

Mindzeed was developed in Denmark from scratch, but we are international and speak more than 20 languages.

Mindzeed er service - på dansk

Mindzeed is at your service

Although Mindzeed is quite simple, we always there to ensure that you are successful with your training.