Easily accessible awareness training

Mindzeed is the market's most flexible online solution for training employees in cyber security and GDPR.

Mindzeed er systematisk og automatisk træning af medarbejderne mod hackerangreb

Systematic and automated awareness training of employees

Mindzeed is a plug and play solution for training and testing employees in cyber security and GDPR.

You get access to a library of more than 45 lessons covering phishing, passwords, ransomware, online behavior, social media, email security, what is personal data, consent, security breaches, employees and personal data, and more.

Mindzeed has been developed by experts, is thoroughly tested and has proven its value - for small to large organizations.

And Mindzeed is a flexible and service-minded partner who guides you through the entire process - from planning and execution to evaluation.


Training in all relevant topics

With Mindzeed, you get access to more than 45 lessons on cyber and information security. The lessons cover the topics that are most relevant to threats and the topics that are expected to be covered in order to meet requirements regarding auditing, insurance etc.

New lessons are continuously being developed, based on the current threats. And when there is demand for specific lessons or language variants. Below you can see some of the topics that the training lessons cover.

Phishing emails

Data processing

At work


Social engineering

Social Media

Internet security

Director fraud


Fake news and misinformation

Background to the personal data regulation

What is personal data?

Legal basis for collecting personal data

The data subject's rights

Data controller

Data processor

The role of the Data Protection Officer

Mapping of personal data

Security breach

Employees and personal data


Email Security

IT security culture

When you work from home

Mobile devices

Security in video conferencing

Information security in the IT department

Who is hacking us?

How to spot phishing emails

Personal data and webinars

Malicious attachments

Information security in customer service

Information security in marketing

Clickbait phishing

When you work outside the house


Compliance with competition laws

Risk assessment

CEO hacker

Valuable knowledge about information security that protects the workplace

It is not a question of whether you will be hacked, but when and how hard you will be hit. How your employees react to cyber attacks has a big impact on the outcome. Cybercrime has become part of our everyday life and something we have to deal with, both as managers and as employees.

With Mindzeed, employees learn about basic IT security and GDPR. The participants learn about concepts, purposes, ways of acting and how to act so that man-made security breaches are minimized. We do this by means of entertaining video-based learning combined with short tests of the participants.