Awareness training in information security that makes sense

Awareness training in information security that makes sense

Awareness training in information security that makes sense

As many as 75% of all IT security breaches are due to human error. Mindzeed Awareness is a compliance solution within information security that educates and trains employees and at the same time documents that the organization works in a structured way with cyber awareness. Developed in close collaboration with the world's largest team of experts in cybersecurity - your guarantee that professionalism is in order.

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Online training in information security with Mindzeed Awareness not only empowers your employees individually; your organization becomes more robust and thus better able to handle cybercrime attacks.

Build a strong IT security culture

Human error in connection with IT security breaches most often occurs due to lack of knowledge about handling data, lack of knowledge or understanding of rules or lack of knowledge about the consequences of own actions.

Værdifuld viden om informationssikkerhed, der beskytter arbejdspladsen

Mindzeed Awareness helps you build a strong IT security culture with changing habits and a greater awareness of IT security.

Informationssikkerhed handler mest om viden, vaner og bevidsthed

Education for all

IT security training has previously been both an expensive and time-consuming project. With Mindzeed Awareness, it's both cheaper and easier - whether it's general data management, GDPR, phishing scams or anything else. Mindzeed offers a library of more than 30 standard lessons in over 20 different languages.

Professionalism, knowledge and experience

An effective education in information security must be built on a professional foundation. Mindzeed Awareness has been developed in collaboration with the world's largest consulting house within cybersecurity, mediated by experts in communication and tested on more than 250,000 users. This gives you a training program that is not only of high professional quality, but which has also proven its value in the real world.

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Employees can act as a first bulwark against attacks if they know what to do when, for example, they receive a suspicious email or access infected websites. Training of employees should be a high priority.

Center for Cyber Security

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.

Stephane Nappo

Global cybercrime and other illegal internet-based activities amount to 9,826 billion annually. kr.

Source: Michael McGuire, senior researcher at the University and Surrey

Figures show that the unconscious actions of employees / insiders continue to pose the greatest threat to the security of companies, which is in line with the fact that phishing is still one of the major security problems. The analysis includes 375 IT managers and specialists in Danish companies

Source: Cybercrime Survey 2019

Danish companies are increasingly affected by IT fraud, despite the fact that 6 out of 10 companies believe that they are well protected against the fraudsters. Last year alone, Danske Bank registered an increase of 22% in cases of cybercrime and digital fraud. At the same time, the yield of fraudsters has increased by 45%.

Source: Analysis performed by YouGov for Danske Bank

Can we get a demo account?

Yes! Of course, you have to both see and try everything before you decide. Contact us and we will create a demo for you.

Can we get started right away?

Yes! Once you have selected lessons and users, you are ready to go.

Can we make our own questions for the lessons?

Yes! If you want to make questions more personal and targeted to your organization, you can ask your own questions.

Can we add our own content?

Yes! Once you have access to the portal, you can create your own lessons to supplement existing ones.

Can we use the course in our own LMS?

Yes! All lessons can be delivered in SCORM for import in your own LMS.

Do we get help to get started?

Yes! Nothing is left to chance. We help you all the way - before, during and after.

Can we create targeted courses for employee groups?

Yes! Courses can be adapted with the lessons that individual employee groups may be interested in. And you can create as many courses as you need.

Are statistics available?

Yes! All activity that includes your training can be monitored at the level you find appropriate.

Can videos be tailored to our needs?

Yes! We are happy to adapt if you have specific needs. However, video adaptations are not included in the standard price.


Do you miss renewal? Do you need awareness elements in higher quality and with more value? Do you need more flexibility in your solution to make the training more relevant? Do you have a desire to give your awareness efforts a clear boost? We can help! Fill out the form below and let's have a chat.

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    As the level of knowledge increases, the level of risk decreases

    As many as 75% of all IT security breaches are due to human error. Bad habits, haste and lack of knowledge are the causes. But the more you know and the better prepared you are, the better you can handle unfamiliar situations.

    Når vidensniveauet stiger, falder risikoniveauet

    The cost of ignorance about IT security can be very high. From theft of personal information to attacks that can be crippling and take months to recover. Therefore, it is common sense to train employees in IT security.


    You are in good company

    Mindzeed Awareness has been tried and tested and used by more than 250,000 users worldwide. From large and small companies to public institutions.

    Professionalism and understanding

    Mindzeed Awareness is one of the most widely used training programs on the market. This is partly due to the fact that we offer easily accessible and understandable material that does not speak down to anyone. Our videos are entertaining and professionally based and contain lessons in all current topics. In fact, we have proven that our training makes a difference.

    Read more about Mindzeed Awareness lessons ...

    Tilpas din compliance-løsning til organisationen

    Adapt the training to the organization and the employees

    With Mindzeed it is possible to tailor courses to your business needs. This means that courses can be targeted at departments or specific staff groups. You can even create your very own lessons, for example based on the company's IT security policy.


    Mindzeed Awareness is extremely cost-effective and significantly reduces the risk of data leaks and successful attacks on the company's IT systems. A medium-sized organization can - depending on the final roll-out plan - train all employees for approx. DKK 4,500 million when entering into a 12-month agreement.

    In case of special requests for educational goals and possibly uploading your own content to the training platform (eg the organization's information security policy) Mindzeed naturally helps with the composition.

    Always up to date

    Mindzeed Awareness is constantly evolving and is constantly updated with new topics, lessons, questions and videos. We currently offer 20 lessons in information security as well as 12 GDPR lessons. All consist of video-based teaching with subsequent tests.

    Mindzeed har awareness-lektioner på mere end 20 sprog

    We speak more than 20 languages

    Our training videos and tests are available in more than 20 different languages. This means that the vast majority can participate regardless of nationality and location, which is a great advantage for international organizations.

    Statistik sikrer overblik og compliance-dokumentation

    Statistics ensure overview and compliance documentation

    Mindzeed Connect gives you easy access to statistics and creates an overview of how far your employees have come in the course, which lessons have been most challenging, etc. It increases the success rate and at the same time provides authority documentation that the organization works in a structured way with awareness training in information security.

    Mindzeed is for everyone

    It does not require a master's degree in e-learning to use our training portal. With a few clicks, the user is up and running.

    For you as an administrator, you have access to create new lessons, create courses, users and real-time statistics.

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    Get full access to all lessons for 14 days

    Get full access to all videos and quizzes, and judge for yourself the quality and relevance in relation to your organization. Fill out the form and we will send you a link that is active for 14 days - completely without obligation.

      Speed up the information campaign

      Get the message across with physical awareness elements and internal campaigns

      Hacking all over the world poster
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      Awareness træning folder

      An effective information security campaign ensures that the message reaches all corners - and is remembered. We develop fun, decorative and attention-creating focus elements, both in physical form but also for your intranet, presentations and much more. Elements that are related to your online training course and enhance the effect.

      We have a large back catalog of elements, but can also develop solutions especially for you.

      Facts About Mindzeed Awareness

      Well tried

      More than 250,000 employees in various industries and company sizes have already been trained in information security with Mindzeed Awareness.

      Beautifully validated

      Mindzeed Awareness has been developed in close collaboration with the world's largest team of information security experts.

      Inspiring and educational

      Mindzeed's communication experts ensure that the teaching is inspiring and ensures a high success rate.


      All lessons include a motion graphic video with Danish speech and subtitles. The videos are 2-4 minutes long. After the video, the employee is introduced to a series of questions.

      Flexible content

      Mindzeed Awareness consists of a library of over 30 lessons that can be tailored to specific job functions.


      Mindzeeds Awareness is available in up to 20 languages.


      Everyone who completes the course receives a certificate.

      Training as a service

      Get started quickly. The entire training process takes place in Mindzeed Connect - a cloud-based LMS platform with secure data storage, which of course lives up to the EU's data protection regulation.

      Works on all platforms

      Mindzeed Awareness can be used on all platforms - desktop and mobile.

      Compliance documentation / statistics

      The performance statistics give you a quick overview of training status at employee, department and organization level. Can also be used as compliance documentation.

      Administration module

      The platform gives the administrator the opportunity to independently organize the training course.

      User creation

      Ability to create and manage users and user groups yourself.

      Own content

      With Mindzeed Connect you have the opportunity to upload your own training material and adapt the different lessons.

      Support materials

      Mindzeed has developed a "campaign kit" (banners, posters, etc.) that you can use in connection with the completion of your training course.

      Roll out assistance

      Mindzeed is happy to help with the planning of your specific training course and follow-up.

      Own LMS

      If your company wants to run Mindzeed Awareness from its own LMS platform, we provide this.

      Single Sign-On / Active Directory

      Mindzeed supports all common Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions and Active Directory (AD) synchronization.


      Mindzeed allows for 2nd level support.