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Mindzeed's learning platform has been developed with the aim of making e-learning easily accessible to users and administrators.

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The user interface is easy for employees to understand and therefore requires minimal user support.

Dashboard og statistik i Mindzeed awareness-træning

With Mindzeed, you always have an overview and documentation of the training - at the level that suits you.

Lav din egen awareness træning i Mindzeed

It is easy and simple to add your own content - policies, plans, information, etc. And you can adapt all standard lessons.

With Mindzeed, you not only have access to a large library of training lessons in cybersecurity and GDPR. You also get a modern and flexible learning management system. Here it is easy to create your own lessons and courses, distribute the courses to the users and follow the training process.

You can also tailor all Mindzeed lessons to fit your circumstances exactly. Courses can be structured so that they are targeted at the employees' needs and level. That way, the training always becomes relevant, and we do not waste employees' time.

Easy for employees

The employee interface is simple and intuitive. All users can choose in which language they want to see the interface, lessons and course. And users get a certificate for each course they have attended.

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Tailor the training to suit

Mindzeed has a large library of cybersecurity and GDPR training lessons. A course is made up of the lessons that are relevant for the individual employee groups. Each lesson is released on the date you specify in advance.

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Easy administration of users

In the user administration you can see the status of each user. Here you create and delete users. And it is possible to send extra 'reminders' to the users - in addition to those that the system automatically sends weekly. Mindzeed also supports all Single-Sign-On solutions, and Active Directory synchronization.

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Compliance dashboard

Documentation is a big part of awareness training. In the dashboard, you get an overview of who is following the training and who is not fully involved. You can sort all the data down to each lesson. If you want additional data, you can view and download all data regarding each course. course.

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Create your own content

In Mindzeed you can create all the content that suits you. It is created from a predefined temple such as a quiz, a presentation, longer texts, etc. This allows you to quickly create and publish your content. And you can even create all the language variants that suit you.

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Share content

Do you need to share content with customers, sub-organizations etc. you can easily do that. You can share content in the usual way so that you still own the content, and if you correct the content, it will affect all the places where the content is shared and in use. You can also share a copy that the recipient can subsequently work on.

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Ongoing notifications

Mindzeed regularly sends out notifications to those users who have content they have not finished. And all administrators receive a weekly status email where they can see if the training effort is going in the right direction.

Lektioner - sådan virker det - reminder

Notifications are sent out weekly to all users who have not completed their assigned lessons. There are weekly notifications to administrators with statistics.

Mindseed's flexibility means you can tailor your training to suit your organisation. You can choose from a large library of over 45 lessons, which can even be customized. And you can add your own lessons. And Mindzeed makes the administration of ongoing training minimal. Everything happens automatically once the users are set up.

Hvad koster effektiv awareness træning?

Let's make you an offer for online awareness training in information security

82% of all security breaches are due to human error. Therefore, awareness training is one of the most important measures you can take in relation to information security. More than 300,000 employees have already gone used Mindzeed's online courses in cyber and information security.

Our customers are broadly distributed across company sizes, industries, public and private companies.

The prices for the training are based on the size of your company and include full access to the lesson library and training platform.

Questions and Answers about Mindzeed

How do I create a Mindzeed account?

When you register your company with Mindzeed, you will automatically have access to the Mindzeed training portal. If you have any questions, you can also call +45 42 90 64 59 or write to

What is 'content' and what is a 'module'?

'Content' corresponds to a lesson and a 'module' corresponds to a course. This means that your course is made up of 'content'. A module can be composed of all types of content.

Why do users not receive emails from Mindzeed?

To ensure that all users receive mail from Mindzeed, whitelist
Failure to do so may result in emails being considered spam and not being received by the user.

How do I create content in Mindzeed?

Select the menu item 'Modules and content'. Click 'Add Content'. Then choose what type of content you want. Name your content under 'Content Name'. This name is for personal use only and will not be published. Fill in the content settings, upload a 'thumbnail' and then click Save. Then create your content in your chosen language by clicking 'Add Language'.

How do I create a module?

Select the menu item 'Modules and content'. Click on the menu item 'Add module'.
Name the module. This name is only used internally in the system. Upload a 'thumbnail', then click Save. You can then add user groups and content to your module. You must also create at least one language.

What do the different user roles cover?

With a regular Mindzeed account, there are three different user roles.
'Employee' is a regular user who can be assigned and participate in courses.
'Creator' has rights as 'Employee', but also the ability to create content and modules. 'Manager' has rights as 'Creator', but also the right to create users, user groups, add users to groups and modules.

How do I delete a user?

On the 'Users and Groups' tab, select the 'User Administration' tab. In the check box to the left of the username, select the user you want to delete. Then go up and click on the 'Delete selected' button. You will then be asked to confirm your choice.

How do I assign a user group to a module?

Select the menu item 'Modules and content'. Click on the three dots at the bottom right of the module. Click 'Edit' in the menu. In the drop-down menu under 'User groups' you now have the option to add the desired group.

modul gif komprimeret

How do I share content?

As a Mindzeed Partner, you can share content with your sub-organizations. Select the menu item 'Modules and content'. Click the three dots in the lower right corner of the content you want to share. Click on 'Share' in the menu. A new window will then open. Then select the organizations you want to share the content with and close the window again. The content will now be available at the selected organizations.

What file formats and media are supported?

Mindzeed supports video from YouTube and Vimeo. Uploads of .mov, mp4, jpg, png and PDF are also supported.

Where is my data stored?

All data is stored on Amazon Web Services in Frankfurt.