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Mindzeed - phishing mail


Phishing emails

Learn about phishing emails and why they are so dangerous to you and your workplace.

Mindzeed - datafiler


Data processing

Data processing is about protecting important information. Learn how to do this in the best possible way.

Arbejde sikkert


In the office

Learn how to be security conscious in the office and what you particularly need to look out for when talking about IT security.

Mindzeed - satelit


Out of the office

IT security is particularly important when you are away from the office because you are no longer protected by the company network. Learn how to protect yourself.

Mindzeed - sikkerhedslås



Hackers want our passwords so they can steal information or our identities. Learn how to create a secure password and protect yourself and the company.

Mindzeed - hjernetræning


Social engineering

Social engineering is about manipulating you into providing confidential information. Learn how you can protect yourself against social engineers.

Mindzeed - tankebobler


Social Media

Hackers use social media to cheat and deceive us. Learn how to be social on the Internet in a safe way.



Internet security

Learn how to browse the Internet safely and how to avoid hacker attacks, false advertising and infected files.



Mobile devices

We store important information on our laptops, smartphones and tablets, which is why they need to be protected. Learn what you can do.

Hvem hacker os?


CEO fraud

Cybercriminals sometimes pretend to be from management and try to trick us into transferring money to a foreign bank account. Learn how to see through the scam.

Awareness training: Ransomware



Learn how to avoid being infected with ransomware which locks your files with a key and requires you to pay ransom to unlock them.

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Companies and EU data protection rules

Learn how your organisation ensures compliance with the common European data protection rules.

EU sikkerhed


EU data protection for citizens

Learn about the rights that the European Union’s data protection rules give you as an EU citizen.



Fake News

Fake news, false claims and misinformation thrives like never before. Learn how to see through them and learn how to avoid being involved in spreading fake news.



Email security

Fake news, false claims and misinformation thrives like never before. Learn how to see through them and learn how to avoid being involved in spreading fake news.

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IT security culture

Learn why it is important to focus on the IT security culture in the workplace.

Ti gode råd om adgangskoder


10 tips on passwords

Passwords are a large part of information security. So, here are 10 good and useful tips on using passwords

Når du arbejder hjemmefra


When you work from home

Ten good tips on IT security when you work from home.

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Security at video conferencing

Digital communications involve a greater risk of misuse. When we arrange video meetings, we must therefore protect ourselves against intruders.



Who is hacking us?

Mindzeed Mini: Everyone talks about the hackers and the cybercriminals. But who are they? Who is hacking us?

Awareness Training: How to Spot Phishing Emails?


How to spot phishing emails?

Phishing is the most widely used way for cybercriminals to attack us. And even though we can see through many of the fake emails and messages, cybercriminals still manage to cheat us time and time again.

Lektioner - sådan virker det


10 tips for cybersecurity

Mindzeed Mini: Ten tips to help increase cybersecurity - delivered in a minute.

Lektioner - sådan virker det


Background to the data protection rules

In this lesson you will learn about the background to EU rules on the collection and processing of personal data.

Lektioner - sådan virker det


What is personal data?

This lesson provides examples of personal data and how to distinguish between the different types of personal data.

Lovgivning og regler


Legal basis

This lesson describes what a processing basis is and what requirements are set in connection with the registration and processing of personal data.

DPO gdpr thumbs


Rights of the data subject

This lesson describes the obligations that companies and organizations - ie data controllers - have towards the private individuals whose data they handle.

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Data controller

In this lesson, we talk about the data controller's responsibilities and obligations in connection with the collection and processing of personal data.

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Data processor

A data processor is a company that processes personal data on behalf of other companies. In this lesson, we give examples of data processors and tell about responsibilities and obligations.

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The role of the Data Protection Adviser

In this lesson, we tell you which companies and organizations should and should have a data protection consultant, and what tasks lie with this one.

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Mapping of personal data

In this lesson, we explain how to create an overview of what personal data a company or organization collects and processes.

Lektioner - sådan virker det


Risk assessment

What is the probability of a security breach and what will be the consequence? This lesson describes how the company conducts a risk assessment.

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Security breach

What is a breach of personal data security and what consequences can it have? In this lesson, we talk about responsibility for securing personal data and what you do in the event of a security breach.

Lektioner - EU


Employees and personal data

Companies and organizations with employees all have personal data. In this lesson, we tell you what personal data is usually collected and how it should be processed.




When do you need consent to collect and process personal data? And how do you distinguish between the different types?

Lektioner - sådan virker det


Personal data and webinars

Learn how to handle personal data collected in connection with hosting a webinar.